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A Family Affair

My name is Asadullayev Chingiz, and I’m the founder of EasyPhoneFix. My company wasn’t founded by a corporate giant or wealthy tech mogul, but by an ordinary couple- me and my wife, Vahidova Mariya. Together, we teamed up with our wonderful business partner, Elesger Huseynov, to serve all of California’s phone and tablet repair needs. Their tight-knit team works together to solve problems big and small.

In future

The Future of EasyPhoneFix

Big things are on the horizon! Due to the company’s success, we’re working on plans for possible retail locations and franchising opportunities. If you’d like to stay updated on exciting EasyPhoneFix developments and deals, join our email list!


Here to Help

Because of our humble background, the EasyPhoneFix team understands our customers on a personal level. We plan our repair schedule to maximize efficiency, getting your favorite device back to you sooner than the competition. If the device is too damaged to repair, we can give you recommendations of the cheapest way to replace it. 



California’s #1 Source for Fast Service, Affordable Prices, and Quality Repairs

EasyPhoneFix believes in the simple truth that quality work produces growth and success

Can’t find a local store? Why not inquire about opening a franchise in your area.

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